Top Healthcare AR VR Solution Companies in Europe

List Of Top Healthcare AR VR Solution Companies in Europe

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6 min readSep 2, 2021

With every passing day, the unrelenting technology revolution is reshaping health and medical technologies, especially across Europe. Right from analytics to applications, wearables to sensors, and headsets to mobile devices, the speed at which these technologies are redefining the services offered by healthcare providers is spellbinding. On the patient side too, there’s an infinite quantity of flexibility and remote functionalities that are compelling patients to expand their reliance on these high-tech devices looking to reinforce the scope of patient care.

As amazing because it might sound, there are even medical-grade video game products on the increase, which are assisting patients in their neural recovery process through VR rehabilitation program. However, as more of those medical developments are brought under the spotlight, it’s increasingly the startups that are leading the charge. Be it young teams springing out of Europe’s best medical universities or entrepreneurs twinning up with expert clinical practitioners who have found a controversy to unravel, there’s no shortage of European healthcare tech startups that are revolutionizing healthcare.

Against this backdrop, various emergent healthcare startups are vying to optimize the methods of patient treatment during a rather more costly yet productive manner. visible of those developments, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and another thought leaders from the enterprise, together with the editorial board of Healthcare Tech Outlook, has selected the leading healthcare tech startups, offering groundbreaking devices and advanced solutions for expanding the boundaries of patient care amid a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Top Healthcare Tech Startups In Europe:


Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe and one of the largest in the world offering innovative framework of comprehensive and process-oriented suite of solutions


Doctolib is offering cutting-edge teleconsultation solutions to redefine the standards of remote patient care. For doctors, Doctolib acts as a full-range service to improve bookings management, reducing no-shows and bringing new patients to their office. What’s more, by letting doctors consult in complete safety from the comfort of their homes, the platform also limits the risk of contamination for patients. On the other hand, from the patient’s point of view, Doctolib acts as a free online service to find a nearby health practitioner and book doctor or dentist appointments round the clock and seven days a week — all within a few clicks


Healx is an AI-powered and patient-inspired technology company, accelerating the discovery and development of rare disease treatments. By channelizing the unprecedented power of AI, Healx combines innovative AI technology with in-house drug discovery expertise and patient insight to accelerate the development of new and effective treatments for rare diseases. The AI-powered approach enables Healx to discover, develop and take novel drugs to market faster, more cost-effectively and with a probability of success three times higher than traditional drug discovery methods allow

Metis Healthcare

Metis Healthcare is based on state-of-the-art technology, scientific competence, experience, and creativity focused on developing innovative healthcare products aimed at improving the quality of everyday life


Visionable provides a state-of-the-art platform for integrated healthcare services — right from initial consultation to hospital treatment to at-home care as well.Reposing along with the new-age collaboration platform, Visionable’s Virtual Consultation Platform makes it easy for healthcare professionals and patients to meet virtually in a highly secure setting, along with all the necessary records, diagnostics and imaging at the care providers’ fingertips. The platform’s user-friendly appointment manager makes scheduling appointments and drop-in sessions easy while curbing the need to travel for an appointment


BioSerenity is a medical device company focused on developing smart healthcare solutions. Its first product is the Neuronaute, a mobile EEG system using smart clothing that allows for long term monitoring of EEG signals in order to help with the diagnosis of epilepsy. BioSerenity is now working on Cardiology, Urology, Sleep Disorders and Pregnancy Monitoring. The company has developped a Cloud platform that allows them to deploy Medical Device and Mobile Apps powered with A.I. around the World. Based in Paris, France, BioSerenity works in close ties with doctors and researchers from all over the World to bring to the medical community the best tools possible to help patients


Cerebriu improves workflow efficiency, quality and patient outcomes in diagnostic imaging. Our software solution Cerebriu Apollo achieves this by automating image acquisition protocols and triage during MRI brain acquisition providing decision support at key stages of the diagnostic process. Ultimately this results in improved productivity, prioritizing the right patients at the right time and less stress for clinicians

Kheiron Medical

Kheiron Medical is on a mission to help breast cancer patients live longer, better lives through earlier detection. The company combines new deep learning methods, data science and radiology insights to help doctors find malignancies in mammograms. According to external clinical trial results, Kheiron’s deep learning technology achieves state-of-the-art malignancy detection support in breast cancer screening. European regulatory approval is expected shortly

Viveo Health

Through the benefits of cutting edge technology, a commitment to data privacy, and a comprehensive platform focused on usability, Viveo Health’s work is dedicated towards improving the way the health industry operates. Also, Viveo is working hard to bring healthcare to some of the most rural and remote parts of the world, helping to remove the physical borders that hinder many communities. In an effort to level the playing field among different economic brackets, Viveo has developed a charitable donation system that allows people to grant free consultations to those in need

Volta Medical

Volta Medical leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize interventional cardiac electrophysiology. Its cutting-edge software solutions use machine and deep learning algorithms to assist operators during cardiac ablation procedures. Volta’s DNA is to provide physicians with solutions that are user-friendly. Its first medical device, VX1, consists of a cue-giving interface designed to facilitate the identification of abnormal electrograms during ablation of complex arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation. With VX1, operators keep their go-to navigation system and catheters. The VX1 real-time analysis algorithm has been trained on carefully curated databases of annotated intra-cardiac electrograms. The solution may be used as a support to assist electrogram-based atrial fibrillation ablation .



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