Top Supply Chain Management Consulting/Service Companies

List of Top Supply Chain Management Consulting/Service Companies

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7 min readSep 7, 2021

Supply Chain Management, also known as SCM, is the management and oversight of a product from its origin until consumed. SCM involves the movement of materials, finances, and knowledge. This involves product design, planning, execution, monitoring, and control. This process aims to cut back inventory, increase transaction speed, and improve workflow with profit in mind.

On the COVID-19 pandemic, managing the provision chain has become a priority for healthcare organizations to tackle shortages and provide constraints. With scarcity and the value of supplies escalating daily, healthcare leaders are progressively looking to their supply chains to drive operational efficiency and lower costs. They need to be highly flexible to stay up with the surging demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, and more medical services and products. The crisis has thus substantiated the necessity to adopt effective supply chain management (SCM) strategies and practices across the world to optimize scarce resources, reduce shortages, and expand capacities.

Especially, cutting-edge technologies have come to the forefront of the arena during the crisis. Automation and digitized supply chain tools are extensively leveraged to drive efficiencies across procurement, inventory management, and clinical operations. Another major trend has been centralizing sourcing, procurement, and inventory management across the healthcare network. Many organizations are thus expediting the utilization of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and computing (AI) technologies. By harnessing information analytics with AI, healthcare organizations can even reduce variations within the supply chain, get more insights into demand patterns, and provide utilization.

The adoption of the web of things (IoT) is additionally surging within the sector. For example, the employment of real-time location systems (RTLS) in healthcare organizations is on the increase thanks to the visibility and traceability they provide. RTLS enables tracking, locating, and monitoring in real-time, thereby aiding the healthcare staff to trace the real-time geographic location of the apparatus quickly. It can significantly upgrade asset utilization rates and reduce the unnecessary purchase of additional inventory.

At this juncture, there’s a spread of SCM solution providers and consulting companies available within the market that caters to the various needs of healthcare organizations. to assist them in choosing the answer or service that most closely fits their requirements, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a listing of the highest 10 SCM solution providers and also the top 10 SCM consulting/service companies. The enlisted solution providers and consulting/service companies are the frontrunners that provide a reasonable span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders within the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

Top Supply Chain Management Consulting/Service Companies:

BIG Inventory

BIG Inventory offers industry-leading professional hospital inventory services which allow for error capturing and ensuring everything goes well. IG Inventory chooses to utilize fewer personnel who select hospital inventory as their career rather than using large numbers of people from temp services or for a single job. This decision allows them to create higher levels of productivity while insuring the highest level of overall accuracy. BIG Inventory chooses to work diligently on the clients’ files weeks in advance of their scheduled hospital inventory to remove/reduce duplicates, manufacturer naming errors and UOM issues. Once this data is loaded into the system, BIG Inventory uses it to validate each and every entry per capture

Health Supply US

Health Supply US is transforming the pipeline for America’s health care facilities and first responder networks, as well as Federal, State and, Local Governments. The company identifies, sources, and delivers essential safety and medical supplies to frontline workers and those who need it most. Its team — from support to procurement to delivery — is on a mission to supply the best available products to those who risk it all to keep America healthy and safe. With over 95 combined years of experience, Health Supply US’s seasoned team of supply chain and manufacturing experts seek to protect the heroes in the healthcare industry.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

For over 45 years, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services has been transforming hospital pharmacies. Through strategic pharmacy solutions, the company is determined to enhance quality, improve financial results, and manage customers’ risk. Its process has been proven to provide results for pharmacies nationwide, and Comprehensive Pharmacy Services is confident that its data-driven strategy, analytics, and thorough recommendations will help clients change their pharmacy from a cost center to a revenue generating department. The company’s clinical expertise, operational expertise, and integrated analytics all work together to drive a systematic approach to transforming a hospital’s pharmacy, making it more efficient and optimally sound.

Gibson Consulting

Gibson Consulting is an operational consulting firm with offices spanning the globe. The company focuses on global supply chain implementation and purchasing, transportation logistics and distribution, sales and marketing improvement, and manufacturing efficiency — and it ties this all together with its proprietary skill-based training. While that’s the functional practice line focus, Gibson Consulting’s true focus and passion is its clients. The foundation of Gibson is built on three primary client values: an Unwavering Commitment, an Unsurpassed Process developed over the past twenty years, and a track record of always delivering Superior Results.


Kaye-Smith is a leader in the execution and management of business-critical communications in the Pacific Northwest. The company supports many of the leading banks, credit unions, insurance providers, health care organizations, non-profits, utilities, manufacturers, and biotech innovators in the region. From electronic and paper statement processing to highly-personalized, targeted marketing programs, it’s critical that clients’ companies deliver on their brand promise at every point of contact. KayeSmith understands the importance of brand consistency and reliability and enables clients to develop solutions to ensure that their data is handled securely and communications reach the intended audience or customer.


McKesson partners with biopharma companies, care providers, pharmacies, manufacturers, governments and others to deliver the right medicines, medical products and healthcare services to the patients who need them, when they need them — safely and cost-effectively. The vision of McKesson is to improve care in every setting — one product, one partner, one patient at a time. And the company is making this happen every day by touching virtually every aspect of healthcare.


QuarterLine is a healthcare services company providing technology, consulting, and clinical solutions to government and commercial customers nationwide. It delivers a wide range of health solutions and insights to private and public sector clients. It is a health-focused services company specializing in providing IT, clinical, and professional services to a diverse clientele existing in the federal space and helps them navigate the complex regulatory and business environments, emerging health programs, and technology. The company’s mission is to provide the right level of support at the right time to our customers to ensure that the outcome of the initiative or the resulting technology delivers the needed results to improve healthcare delivery and increase efficiency.

Ron Denton & Associates

Ron Denton & Associates (RDA) is driven by the mission to advance supply chain and reduce costs and increase operational efficiency for healthcare organizations nationwide. The company aims to bring supply chain excellence, quality improvements, consistency, and sustainable results to the supply chain lifecycle. Under its hood, it provides services such as performance improvement, inventory and space optimization, interim management, and others. Its team of subject matter experts assist clients in delivering mission-critical projects with proven outcome

Shield HealthCare, Inc.

Sheild healthcare is a leading provider of incontinence, urological, ostomy, enteral nutrition, breastfeeding and wound care supplies with over 60 years of pharmacy and medical supply experience. Its mission is to serve the medical supply needs of patients at home with excellence, compassion and exceptional service. The company offers direct billing to Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Medicare and managed care plans. Shield HealthCare benefits include on-staff product experts, including Registered Dietitians and Lifestyle Specialists to support patients and their families

VIE Healthcare Consulting

  • VIE Healthcare has dedicated over 20 years in partnering with its hospital clients to reduce and eliminate unnecessary costs. The company is a team of cost savings experts, data scientists, technology specialists, healthcare business analysts and healthcare executives. It delivers real results — since 1999 the company has saved its clients $700 million. VIE Healthcare has been known to set new pricing benchmarks as it goes beyond industry pricing “norms” and helps clients and their hospitals improve their operating margins by effectively and rapidly achieving cost savings. VIE Healthcare are specialists in hospital non-labor expense reduction and an independent advisor to hospitals



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